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Welcome 'Some Remain' to Blowtorch Records

Sligo quartet hit hard with their debut release

Sligo indie rock band Some Remain

Sligo is the anglicisation of the Irish name Sligeach, meaning 'abounding in shells' and is also one of the five counties which make up the province of Connacht. Maybe that name means 'abounding in indie bands' as Some Remain are the third outfit from the aforementioned province to join Blowtorch Records along with Turnstiles (Galway) and Undercover Martians (Roscommon/Leitrim). (It doesn't - it comes from a medieval dynasty derived from the mythical king Conn of the Hundred Battles. Still nice to dream).

They are made up of Jamie (Vocals), Colm (Guitar), Leo (Bass), Matthew (Drums). We first web-stumbled across the quartet towards the back end of 2020. Like every other band they were frustrated by not being able to record, so they posted a video of themselves running through a set of songs in a rehearsal at Rumble Studios.

Something about them – charm, energy, sheer damn youthful attitude! – captivated us. Six months later here they are on Blowtorch Records with debut release Walk Away as track of the week.

They deserve it for persistence alone. Recording, mixing and mastering any track in a lockdown is not easy. But this is not any track. As the everlasting Keef says, if you want to learn how to groove listen to Chuck Berry. Well there is a nod to the duck-walking master and some of their influences such as Pixies and The Arctic Monkeys, but this track takes off on its own. Like Static Vision they know the power of short, sharp and melodic. A blistering debut which bodes well for what comes next. Watch out for the Remainers - the sound of young Ireland!


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