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Welcome Liana Forte to Blowtorch Records

With 'Death' and 'Disorder' we say hello to this Helsinki-based artist


Fresh from binge-watching Bordertown (recommended, underrated) we were contacted out of the blue by Vita Linfast from its host country, Finland. She is a word, sound and expression artist performing as Liana Forte. As you can see from her bio, her creativity has blossomed as she has started to perform live in Helsinki. Liana delivers her poetry over electronic beats and our recent track of the week was the first song we heard from Liana - Death. The second was Disorder - coincidentally these two titles pretty accurately sum up Bordertown.

'Song' seems like too structured a word for Liana's recordings. They make you feel like you are invited into her world for a short while and then, as they end, you are jerked back to reality. The tracks are sparse, haunting and beautiful and will draw inevitable comparisons with Björk. They also have some of the intensity of Fever Ray and the pop sensibility of Goldfrapp, while at times the electronic backing puts us in mind of Hans Zimmer.

We can't wait to hear from this exciting talent and for now welcome Liana to Blowtorch Records. Tervetuloa perheeseemme!


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