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Nixer release debut EP 'PEOPLE FEEL'

London-based dance duo deliver a kinetic explosion of dancefloor ready sounds which chart a night out



Band: Nixer

Released: May 27 2022

Cover art for You Were Loved by TV People

PEOPLE FEEL is the 6 track debut EP from Nixer and was released on all streaming platforms on May 27 with a vinyl release on June 10.

Hitting us with six fresh tracks, Nixer’s debut body of work shows the depth and meaning behind the duo’s art. The EP follows the events of a night out told chronologically, beginning in a corner shop at the start of the night and ending at a crossroads the morning after. But this story of events is used solely as a vessel for the true meaning and focus of the EP, which is the feelings and emotions that are attached to these events rather than the events themselves. Feelings about detachment, sexuality, indecisiveness, empathy, hopelessness and euphoria.

The PEOPLE FEEL EP is a massive debut offering by Nixer where the duo explore new soundscapes, enter the world of storytelling and take their production to a new level. The first example of this is clear from the opening track TNBTMA (the night before the morning after) in which the words of a poem are spoken and delivered over an experimental, soundscapy production that could easily slot into an intense, ominous scene from a thriller movie.

The EP then quickly moves on to Nixer’s most driving bassline to date in the second track/opening song on the EP, Decisions. From here on out, it’s surprise after surprise as we experience Nixer exploring their sound and songwriting, and it feels as though while writing and producing PEOPLE FEEL, the duo have truly found their sound.

The third track Outsider is an intense snippet of the story that takes place at a house party. The lyrics are observant and the guitar riff is pulsating, however the standout element from this song is Nixer’s control and exploration of time-based effects. Track four People Feel was the first single from the EP. It takes place on a nightclub dance floor, opens up with "I left my lover inside, I tell them that I smoke and escape for moments in the night", a calculated lie in an attempt to escape and be alone. But this is one of many clever and quick lyrics that are littered right through the EP and enhance the story that is PEOPLE FEEL. The fifth track Low is characteristically intense but far more minimal than the former tracks. The EP concludes with Bad Rain and features Irish/Zimbabwean singer/songwriter/producer, Shiv. Nixer’s first stab at collaboration is a success, and not only does it genre-hop and explore new sounds; it proves that Nixer’s sound is adaptable, diverse and is ready to reach the masses.

Nixer began as a conversation online between two friends at the beginning of the global pandemic. What seemed like an ordinary catch-up back in April 2020, turned into something very exciting. Having released five singles before this EP, Nixer are forming a very distinct and unique sound that is grabbing the attention of many, despite being separated by the Irish Sea for the most part.

All the songs were written, recorded and produced remotely by Seán Keenan and Gearóid Peggs in their DIY studio setups in London and Dublin respectively. They now share the same space in South London where they are crafting new sounds for their next release.


Nixer also feature on this compilation vinyl

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