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Wyse releases new single Run Away

Updated: May 25, 2022

First single from Allusions EP is angry and dreamy, channelling Radiohead and Anna Calvi


Track: Run Away

Band: Wyse

Released: April 29 2022

Cover art for Wyse single Run Away

If you listen to our podcast with Wyse, she is very open about how she has dealt with her demons, particularly through therapy. It seems clear to us now that she is unlikely to run away from a difficult or upsetting situation; it's a measure of how far she has come that she is able to talk frankly about how she would have reacted differently in the past.

As she says "I wrote it when I was struggling with that horrible feeling of being rejected by somebody you’re dating – you know when you just wish you could be cool and nonchalant with it and not feel upset. Run Away was my battle with running away from my insecurities and also trying to let them out."

Run Away is the first single from her upcoming Allusions EP which will see a vinyl release via Blowtorch Records in the Summer. It is a driving alt-pop blast of attitude with a gorgeous sheen leant by the 80s style production. It cleverly subverts traditional song structure, initially with a big, dramatic verse which drops, after a brief pause, into a chorus almost devoid of instrumentation but with a delicious, delicate vocal melody reminiscent of Debbie Harry & Blondie.

Wyse herself relates the story - "I’ve always found that resentment is seen as this really ugly emotion for some reason. When I was turned down by somebody I was dating, I felt ashamed for feeling resentful about it. I wanted to stuff that feeling in a box before anyone could see it and pretend it didn’t exist. In Run Away, I am caught between trying to quite literally run away from myself, my sexuality and my insecurities over being rejected, and my need to let it all out."

Inspired by a mixture of Awolnation, Anna Calvi, Radiohead, and the bands she loved as a kid such as Green Day, Wyse delivers unusual yet compelling structures to this and her other tracks. The excellent production clearly reflects her love of 80s and 90s pop music and her 'deconstructed' videos for her previous Anomalies EP give a great insight into the thought processes behind her songs.

A process she has carried over and refined for this infectious, dichotomous slice of coolly brash alt pop.

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