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Jamie (AKA Blacksheep)

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Jamie Barneveld is from Brisbane, Australia, a low fidelity, alternative RnB/indie sunflower. Sprouted from the soil of the Instagram scene. His style was initially a blend of millennial aesthetics & RnB/Indie tunes aimed at delving into the emotions and psyche of a tortured mind. He released his first album psychosis in 2019. Developing a more hard hitting style he transitioned to a new identity BLACKSHEEP and released Son of a Glitch in October 2020.

As he says: "I've never really felt like I’ve belonged here, never really fit in, I feel like a glitch. The lyrics are quite dark, I write about how I feel and what’s been happening, and lately it’s all been very dark. The whole album pretty much sums up the last few years of my life, dark and miserable, but it’s character development so who gives a fuck." 

Son of a glitch by Blacksheep cover art

New album synesthesia out now!

Cover art for Sweet Noises by Jamie

Fast forward to September 2021, and an email arrives out of nowhere containing sweet noises. Turns out he's been off the grid with no phone and his Instagram account (our method of communication) gone. And also back to making the kind of brilliant lo-fi, trippy beat poems which are like a cross between Brian Eno and Massive Attack. So good to have him back.

You can listen to his brilliant new album synesthesia on Spotify


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