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Kid Slang

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Kid Slang is a lo-fi experimental duo - the project of Chicago multi-instrumentalists and producers Mitch Settecase and Brendan Forrest.  They both have their own personal projects but as they say they are practically brothers at this point, having lived and toured together for years.

Their debut EP School Days was released in April '19 followed later that year by Snythwav.

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May '20 saw the release of Living in this Painting (feat Woody Goss of Vulpeck) which indicated a more vocal approach to their music.

At the end of August they released Life Won't Wait for None, a beautiful ode to Corona days.


All releases are on Chicago micro-label Audible Paint.

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In November 2020 they released their 3rd EP "Outlaw Kid", written and recorded in Southwest Colorado. They decamped from Chicago and headed for the hills, to a 43 acre ranch outside of Telluride where they camped for a few weeks and set up a little studio. Their take on outlaw country was written and recorded on a booze-soaked trip inspired by the landscape of the wild west. It's 100% Kid Slang, it's their first EP with actual vocals and it sounds great. You can almost hear the crackling of the camp fire as they channel Neil Young through their urban lo-fi sound.


Outlaw kid
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