Track of the week - Dust Out Of Your Disorder by Liana Forte

As I was lining up the tracks for the second Blowtorch Records compilation vinyl This Could Work (out March/April 2022), I asked Liana Forte to pick one of her tracks for inclusion. As we were talking it occurred to me, that as many of her tracks are quite short, she could perhaps do a remix of two. Like my favourite 12" of all time - Soft Cell's Tainted Love smooching into Where Did Our Love Go? Always open to new ideas, she readily agreed and oh girl did she deliver with Dust Out Of Your Disorder.


I'll let Liana take up the story. "This special remix is about the way the mind affects (and sometimes controls) what a person is and how they act. Dust reflects on what is a person’s real inner will and Disorder is about when the mind takes control over it. I believe that the deepest inner will is creation, knowledge and love."

Opening with an ominous rising tone and slightly spooky spoken word, it seamlessly blends the two tracks and also builds in intensity. The early feeling of unease resolves somewhat as the drums and arpeggiated synths (reminiscent of Hans Zimmer) enter the fray and lead the remix to its glorious conclusion.


It's a modern electronic masterpiece.

Latest News

Our latest podcast rounds up recent releases from Blowtorch Records. Opening up with the title track from the brilliant new Jagged Baptist Club album Temptation Death House we continue with these singles:

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Dust out of Your Disorder - Liana Forte

Friday November 3rd  Static Vision are headlining Limerick Pharmacia with support from Punching Peaches and 50 Foot Woman.

Tickets are available on the door and also online here 

Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 17.44.49.jpg
Gig poster for Static Vision

Turnstiles made their London debut on Friday Nov 26 at The Victoria in Dalston.

Sandwiched between Gag Salon and Cross Wires, they delivered a slapping set.

For anyone not able to make it, here's a clip of Omniscient Delusion from the night.

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