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Our track of the week comes courtesy of our new signing from Finland - Liana Forte. Now that she has unleashed her creativity there is no stopping her. As she says 'So now I've got the courage to unlock all those thousand locks and open myself to the world.' 

Me and My God is an unsettling listen both lyrically and musically. The backing doesn't allow you to settle as you listen to Liana's characteristic half sung, half whispered, menacing voice intone 'scratch my skin with a metal wire, tear my blood vessels out of my corpse'. 

Taylor Swift it is not. Dark, edgy and genuinely captivating is where we are at here.

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‘Mol an Óige agus Tiocfaidh Sí’ - Praise the youth and they will flourish. Feat. NewDad and Turnstiles this short film tells the story of youth and art in Galway. It brings you back to the time of moshpit gigs in the Róisín Dubh and mellow underground nights in the Black Gate. It encompasses, what it is to be young. Watch from this link

The video for the fab new Nixer track ‘Gentrification’ is live now. Click on the video for a floral treat! 🎥  Anna Heisterkamp and Leon Forristal

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The latest edition of our podcast features Peter Jones from Rotator Vinyl in Dublin. Peter has lived his life by the DIY ethos of the anarcho punk scene which was spearheaded in the 70s and 80s by bands such as Crass and Zounds. He shares his background and experiences in the music industry and has some valuable thoughts on how young bands can survive and thrive in the digital era.

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Blowtorch Records is a record label based in Galway, Ireland offering a boutique online home for independently minded artists worldwide. The quirky musicians who enrich our aural palette. Take a browse through our roster. Irish punk or post-punk? Try Turnstiles and Static Vision. Lo-fi grooves from Chicago? Kid Slang are for you. Experimental electronica - Liana Forte. Indie techno - Nixer and Jagged Baptist Club. You get the picture. If you are looking for a digital space and promotion for your recorded music then get in touch. We’ll have a listen to your songs and if they chime we can offer you a page on the Blowtorch website with bio info, images, videos and your social signals. Your tracks can be downloaded or purchased from your page. We can get your songs onto Spotify and other streaming services, give advice on mixing & mastering and arrange physical releases.