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Belfast shoegazers Virgins release new single 'slowly, long'

Updated: Feb 22

Virgins add a pop sheen to their shoegaze sound on their new single slowly, long.


Track: s l o w l y, l o n g

Band: Virgins

Released: August 11 2023

Cover artwork for Virgins single slowly, long

Artwork for slowly, long

Virgins have released their new much anticipated gaze-pop single, s l o w l y, l o n g, just ahead of the band's headline slots at GazeFest in Dublin and Belfast (August 25 and 26 respectively).

The single marks the first collaborative writing effort from the band and finds them adding a poppier melodic sound to the multitude of fuzz and reverb effects that adorned their debut EP Transmit A Little Heaven.

The band's trademark heavily effected guitar sound is present and correct right from the off and they are quickly joined by the propulsive rhythm section which drives the track along a little faster than expected. Producer Jonny Woods, while keeping all the elements fused yet still distinct, cleverly clears a space for Rebecca Dow's remarkable vocals to shine their dreamy effervescence. Imagine Lana Del Rey time travelled and dropped into Liz Fraser's vocal sessions for Heaven or Las Vegas.

Lyrically the track speaks of unchecked desire being set free. slowly, long is the sound of a band leaning into their strengths, fusing elements from different genres to bring a fresh, contemporary and exciting sound to the genre.

With long-time collaborator Jonny Woods (Wynona Bleach) at the controls again, the band have taken the sound established on the EP and expanded upon it. Brendy McCann's bass acts as a melodic anchor to Michael Smyth's and Dave Sloan's layers of textured guitar, moving between passages of shimmering chorus to reverb drenched fuzz and trem arm abuse. This is all propelled by James Foy's thunderous drums and given voice to by Rebecca Dow's vocals. Rebecca’s vocals are an ethereal siren's song, cruelly seductive, drawing the listener in throughout the rise and fall of the track.

Belfast shoegaze band Virgins photographed by Ebony Alexander
Credit Ebony Alexander

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