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Belfast's Virgins release 'Transmit A Little Heaven' EP

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

As immersive as it is impressive, this heavenly EP delivers handsomely on the promise of its title


EP: Transmit A Little Heaven

Band: Virgins

Released: October 14 2022

Cover art for Transmit A Little Heaven EP by Virgins

Virgins’ far-reaching dream-pop casts itself across their 'Transmit A Little Heaven' E.P. Defined by lush soundscapes of heavily textured guitars, punctuating beats, and engulfed vocal flourishes - The Last Mixed Tape

Consider for a moment nominative determinism. Can a person's name really determine their path through life? It's hard to get a definitive answer yet if you consider say Robin Thicke (surely pop's most sexist act) or James Cleverly (dim UK Tory politician and Truss apologist) then maybe a clearer picture images.

According to his recent podcast with us, Michael Smyth, the driving force behind Virgins, comes up with titles after his tracks are written so it's likely Transmit A Little Heaven (also a track name) was chosen after the work was done. It's tempting though, as you bathe in the edifying and electrifying wash of the five songs on the EP, to think that the name was pre chosen and that's partly why this collection delivers so majestically on that beguiling title.

The fact this is also available on vinyl adds to its sheen - the physical medium acts like an aural microscope, enabling you to hear more clearly the layer upon layer of carefully constructed sounds. All augmented by the extraordinary voice of Rebecca Dow.

We have reviewed previously released tracks Vows (re-recorded for the EP and sounding even better if that's possible) and Signalling. Keen readers may have noticed we already kinda like this band of Virgins and now we have heard the other three songs on the EP, we double down on our attraction.

Closer Golden Tongues, Silver Lips is maybe the least dreamy in its straightforward, up front attack; possibly no bad thing to bring us back to earth as Yearn and title track Transmit A Little Heaven are an almost overwhelming experience, providing an immersive balm with which to insulate ourselves against a troubling world.

How glad we should be that there are artists out there who take the time and the trouble to transmit their ideas of heaven to us. Tune in to receive the transmission.

The EP is available now on glorious pink vinyl.

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Virgins are also going on tour:

Oct 29th HMV In Store, Belfast

Nov 4th Sin E, Dublin

Nov 16th Jacaranda Club, Liverpool

Nov 17th Sidney and Matilda, Sheffield

Nov 18th Santiagos, Leeds

Nov 19th Spinning Top, Manchester

Nov 20th Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh

Nov 21st 13th Note Glasgow.


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