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Carl's First Halloween

There's a lot to like about New York band Earth Dad. For an old(er) one like me there's a delight in the talk of a single coming from an EP. Good name. And then there's the single itself, the deliciously wobbly, lo-fi slice of electro pop which is Carl's First Halloween.

The irony of it is that the EP whence the single is plucked is called Learning Music - these lads have plainly learnt how to play and produce music, and a whole heap more besides - like making videos, the power of social media and all the while appearing to having a great time.

When I first heard it, the first few bars reminded me of Prefab Sprout which can hardly be a bad thing.

And then it not only changed course but destination too. One minute heading for synthpopville on the MGMT express, then the points changed and I was heading through a psychedelic landscape of acoustic folk. And all too soon I arrived.

It's not often you want a journey to last longer or indeed drop you at a different destination to the one you were expecting. I'm not sure where I ended up but I sure enjoyed the ride. You try it too, you won't regret it.



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