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Catsica drops 'everything'

Updated: May 26, 2020

Picture of Blowtorch Records artist Catsica

Houston, Texas based Catsica has just unleashed her new single everything. For those who have followed her releases since Lovestruck - the track which first piqued Blowtorch's interest - the elements we have come to expect are present and correct. Gorgeous melody, dreamy vocals with expressions of love and a sparse, persuasive backing.

Her songs have become noticeably more electronic, more complex and darker in tone. There are shades of big hitters such as Lana Del Rey and up comers like Biig Piig. Distorted samples and doubled vocals add drama. What always comes across is a sense that you are being admitted for a short while into Catsica's world.

Go with it - it's a special place to be.



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