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Japanese Jesus release new single 'Depression Breakfast'.

Updated: May 11, 2023

Limerick punk/alt rock duo Japanese Jesus drop second single from upcoming Depression Breakfast EP .


Artist: Japanese Jesus

Track: Depression Breakfast

Japanese Jesus release Depression Breakfast single

Depression Breakfast is new from Japanese Jesus as the Limerick duo gear up for the release of the full EP in June. The track is out on all streaming platforms Friday May 5. It's the second single and title track from their upcoming 5 track EP which will see a digital and 12" vinyl release in June this year.

We have just picked up the test pressings and it sounds incredible. This vinyl will be in the second shipment from our new Record Club.

Slightly less ferocious than previous single Tension, Depression Breakfast has a heavy yet melodic slant reminiscent of Pixies and 90s US alt rock outfits such as Slint, even Nirvana first album at times. The echoing backing vocals also put us in mind of REM, Idlewild or Teenage Fanclub. Denny himself cites USA Nails, Sleaford Mods and Nick Reinhart as inspirations - with the caveat that this changes week on week.

Although the subject matter is laid bare, it's unclear if he is talking to himself or to another person which is a neat trick.

The pre chorus is a beauty, lyrically and melodically, as a sweet guitar fill leads into the chorus.

"But that's fine if you say so

But I was just not sure

Seems the same as before

That black dog barking at your door

Depression breakfast

Cry in your cereal"

This Japanese Jesus single was recorded by Ben Wanders and Mike Gavin, mixed by Wayne Adams and mastered by Richard Dowling. The artwork is by Daniel Holloway.

Japanese Jesus are Bertie Kelly (Vocals, Guitars, Bass) and Denny Dunworth (Drums) from County Limerick, Ireland. Bertie and Denny previously played under the guise of Supermodel Twins in the noughties, recording their debut album with Noel Hogan of The Cranberries on production duties.

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