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(Madrid) City Lights

After our last blog post on the sixties-inspired, reverb drenched chime of the Daytime Lions, we're heading further back in time to the doo wop sound of the 50s. A more innocent time maybe but the timeless appeal of hanging with your mates and checking out the opposite sex was as strong then as now.

If you're not sure what it's all about check this out:

Padraig O'Connor is not tied to doo wop - he's far too good a songwriter for that - but this track really caught our ears at Blowtorch Records and led us to explore the City Lights album further. And isn't that the way it should be? Exactly what that glorious invention, the 7" single, came to stand for in the heyday of vinyl.

City Lights is as charming and heart warming as the Chaplin film of the same title. Padraig covers a range of styles on the album but always with a strong melodic intent, great backing grooves and some wry lyrics. With hints of Richard Hawley and Tim Buckley amongst others, it seems the City Lights of Madrid suit this Irishman abroad.



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