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New music review with ZAHN and Selu & Living Things

Our weekly fix of the best new music as Julia Mason brings us her review of new singles from Selu & Living Things and ZAHN

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Artist: ZAHN

Track: Apricot

German noise rock band Zahn
Credit Lupus Lindemann

German post–modern noise rock ensemble ZAHN have shared their single Apricot ahead of their second album Adria which is set for release on 24 November via Crazysane Records.

Found on stickers on the backs of millions of camper vans crossing Europe each summer, the word "Adria" has become synonymous with the magic of going on holiday. It may represent a mythical destination with the promise of leisure, but also an arduous road journey and a healthy dose of exhaust fumes.

It’s the juxtaposition of these two themes that ZAHN explore. Apricot sets out as an electronic journey with its rhythmic beats moving forward constantly. It steadily builds in pace and density, the regularity beginning to skew as the track progresses. Its burst of energy comes as a surprise and a deeper heaver soundscape evolves.

ZAHN’s quoted influences include the likes of Trans Am, The Jesus Lizard, Metz, The Melvins and Tortoise. The electric guitar rebelliously begins to take off on its own route. This journey lasts just under 7 minutes with the drums also given their moment in the sun. Apparently, the album was recorded in a huge storage space of an old mill, providing an ideal recording site for their big drums and huge bass sound as well as plenty of space for the numerous other instruments. A wonderfully hypnotic track full of unexpected delights.

* * *

Artist: Selu & Living Things

Track: Sometimes It's So Easy

Cover art for Selu & Living Things single Sometime It's so Easy

Sometimes It’s So Easy is the debut single from Dublin based prog-soul quartet Selu & Living Things, released with the assistance of Anon Records.

Lyrically the track investigates the needless way we obstruct our own lives. Living Things aim to create a universe of their own with their guitar melodies combine with ancient Nigerian percussions instruments to produce their own musical universe.

The band members discovered each other in Dublin during lockdown and comprise Segun Akano (Yankari, Ajo Arkestra, Dublin Afrobeat Ensemble), Morgan Baker (formerly of Louisiana 6), Sean Montgomery Dietz (Loud Motive, Elikya, Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra) and the solo artist and prolific collaborater Selu.

Sometimes It’s So Easy begins with a striking chime before moving into its groove. It's an empowering track, just listen to the lyrics, but enveloped in a soul wrapper. The electric guitar section is divine and the smooth pace will nonetheless hold your attention especially as the passion in the vocals increases as the track progresses. An assured debut.


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