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New music reviews with Frozemode and Midnight Ambulance

Our weekly fix of the best new music as Julia Mason (aka The Decibel Decoder) brings us her reviews of new music with singles from Frozemode ASBO BOYS and Midnight Ambulance Alice

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Artist: Frozemode


Frozemode release new single ASBO BOYS with photo by Nicholas O'Donnell
Credit Nicholas O'Donnell

London-based alternative rap outfit Frozemode have released their first new music of 2024, the single ASBO BOYS. Taking inspiration from comments made about them on social media they have flipped the narrative, taking the observations of others and using them as fuel to create their music.

Anyone who has seen Frozemode live knows that they are a force of nature, a whirlwind onstage blending the raw energy of punk with the rhythmic poetry of rap. ASBO BOYS bounces, the flow pulsating and anthemic.

The trio of I.V.GATLIN, Cho-Hollo and Lisong share the following on the new track, demonstrating that they have no fear in using personal experience to inspire their creativity: "We are good Christian boys, but some girl online said we looked like we had ASBOs so we made a track about it and all the other mad comments we’ve received. God bless, Amen. Xx."


14 June - Download Festival, Donington

10 July - 2000trees, Cheltenham

27 July - Deer Shed Festival, Yorkshire

23 Aug - Reading Festival

24 Aug - Leeds Festival

31 Aug - Barnstomper Festival, Dorset

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Artist: Midnight Ambulance

Track: Alice

Midnight Ambulance new single Alice press shot by Gareth Goodlad
Credit Gareth Goodlad

Midnight Ambulance have released their new track Alice. Reflecting that the world is getting ever stranger with the rise of disinformation and the dominance of alternative media, leading to our realities becoming increasingly distorted.

Alice is set within an extraordinary soundscape; the atmosphere is haunting perhaps amplified by the fact that the recording used vintage equipment as well as modern, experimental techniques, thus mirroring the lyrical tension between fantasy and reality.

The parallel vocals add layers of crystal clarity along with the distorted and bizarre. Trying to seek a path through the noise and confusion is the message being set forth by Midnight Ambulance here. The Scottish duo have created a track which beautifully reflects the chaos of our times, and how bewildering it can be to move forward.

The corresponding artwork was created by Scottish magical realist artist Ritchie Collins and the song is accompanied by an animated music video by Edinburgh College of Art graduate, Em New. The film follows Alice’s descent into a sinister Wonderland, where things may be exactly as they seem.


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