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of all living things release second single 'Fecho Os Olhos' from their new EP

Dublin slowcore band of all living things have released the second single from their new upcoming EP Cold Plunge


Track: Fecho Os Olhos

Band: of all living things

Released: May 17 2024

Prior to the release of their second EP Cold Plunge' on May 31st, of all living things have released a new single Fecho Os Olhos. On a slow, meditative EP this song outslows them all with a haunting beauty reminiscent of Sigur Rós.

For a band which are open about the inspirations of their own childhood with themes of nostalgia, it's appropriate that it's sung in Portuguese with its unique feeling of saudade (Irish - dúil, English - longing, yearning).

As singer Eunice from the band relates "This song is very special to us but a little extra dear to me as it's in Portuguese. It was written late in the evening after a long work day. We were all together in the rehearsal room sitting in silence and feeling pretty drained. Danilo started strumming an acoustic guitar and I started talking to myself in a stream of consciousness. I knew they couldn't understand so I sang the first words that came to my head while recording a voice note out of habit. A few days later we listened back to it and agreed we all wanted to include 'Fecho' on our next record. The core of the version recorded with producer Ber Quinnis a one live take, performed exactly like the very first version of the song, no words or dynamics changed. "

Fecho Os Olhos may be the most entrancing song you hear this year.

Press shot of Dublin band of all living things
Credit Evan Cahill

of all living things are Cam Teehan, Eunice Saraiva, Danilo Ward and Cian McDaid.

The EP was recorded and mixed by Ber Quinn in Dublin's Sonic Studios and mastered by John Webber at Air Studios.

The vinyl artwork design is by Nina Ruminska.

The new EP Cold Plunge is available to order now on 12" black vinyl. The first 25 orders will receive a free CD.

There is also an early bird offer which nets you the new vinyl EP AND the previous EP On Familiar Ground


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