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Nixer release 'Decisions' from their PEOPLE FEEL EP

Updated: May 3, 2022

Decisions is the final single from PEOPLE FEEL before the full release of the EP on May 27


Track: Decisions

Band: Nixer

Released: April 12 2022

Back cover art for Nixer People Feel EP

Decisions follows two singles that are very different while also still sounding uniquely Nixer. A sound the Irish duo have been crafting for the past two years, mostly in two separate cities, Dublin and London. A sound influenced by dancefloors, socialising, electro, cold wave, fiction and artists like Boy Harsher, The Stone Roses and King Krule. This single solidifies the fact that Nixer make banging, catchy music with a sound that’s very different from anything else that’s being made around them.

Decisions is the first song of the PEOPLE FEEL story. It’s set at a corner shop where the night begins and the first decision of the night, which for most is a simple one, takes place. The indecisiveness and uncertainty about the simple decision between “beer or wine” sets the tone for the chaos that unfolds.

Cover art for Nixer's People Feel EP

The overriding theme of the EP is the uncertainty we encounter in life and the people that come and go on that journey. Decisions fittingly kicks off the night’s events with arguably the best track on the six-track offering. The narrative is simplistic and this first 'decision' of the night, one that would also seem to be evidently easy emough, welcomes us in to the track once the driving bassline hands over the reins to Seán’s vocals.

The lyrics in the track are explorative and they premeditate the story that follows. Although the music is fun and playful, there’s an underlying darkness that’s prevalent throughout the EP as we saw in the previous two singles. This sense of darkness is most notable in the breakdown where we cleverly see a reference to the track that follows it on the EP, Outsider. This clever congruency is littered throughout the EP. Each song ties in to the next or relates to another in some way to tell a dark story of the concept EP from Nixer we call PEOPLE FEEL.


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