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Search Results release third single 'Losings' from 'Information Blip' LP

Losings from Search Results is the Dublin-based trio's third single from their vinyl LP available to order now.


Track: Losings

Band: Search Results

Released: August 25 2023

Cover art for Search Results single Three

Artwork for Losings by Search Results

Losings is the third single from Search Results' upcoming album Information Blip. It follows in the heady footsteps of the first single Flower Rock Rain "... a delirious trip of giddy wordplay and off beat instrumentation with a gorgeous summer psych sound" and Three "... a bass driven 88 second romp of stop/start melodic indie jazz with vocals worthy of Mark E Smith at his most inscrutable."

In the way a spontaneous big night might start with one quick one, Losings opens with a gentle, gorgeous arpeggiated riff before fuzzy chaos is unleashed later in the track. You might be used to your music fitting into a round hole but, as with previous releases, Search Results offer up a square peg. To give you an idea - maybe Beck met up with Neutral Milk Hotel on the aforementioned night out and they all headed back to the studio instead of the chipper.

Several listens recommended.

Losings is out on all streaming platforms and Information Blip is available to order now on Blowtorch vinyl.

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