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Roll up to Sneaky Petes! Three bands under a tenner!

Julia Mason reviews a top value night in Edinburgh and reminds us how vital live gigs are for all concerned


There are some gig nights when you want to pay more by the end of the night! Three bands for less than a tenner at Sneaky Petes in Edinburgh on Tuesday was one such night. Brighton band Beach Riot were supported by local bands Sintide and Dootchi, and for those that were there this was such great fun - and fantastic value for money.

Edinburgh band Sintide at Sneaky Petes

First onstage were Edinburgh-based Sintide. This four-piece had a repertoire full of surprises. The set opened with a real rock vibe and the expectation was that that would be the case throughout. However the second song was full of funk and what a delight to see lead singer jump into the crowd and have a dance! The set went on to include a cover of The Doors' Break On Through (To The Other Side).

The last two tracks really showcased the ambition of Sintide. The complex song structures have shifting paces within. A combination of rock, metal, funk and even hip-hop result in an intriguing mix. The set closed with previous single Pending and with that Sintide left the stage with, no doubt, a few more fans.

Dootchi live on stage at Sneaky Petes

Next up were Dootchi, another 4-piece with a heavier sound, but no less accomplished. As with Sintide this was a 3 guitar and one drummer set up and the wall of sound was immense. Heart of Stone had a real Thin Lizzy style to it & the heavy rock element was there throughout. With strong vocals by lead singer James Boyd this was yet another powerful set, full of wild guitar riffs, thunderous drums and loud passionate vocals.

And so to the main act. Beach Riot are on the Alcopops! Records roster and that in itself is one of the best recommendations for a live act. With a surfboard propped up onstage they took to the stage and immediately blasted off with Medicate for Success from their debut album Sub Atomic Party Cool.

The combined male and female vocals of Rory and Cami respectively give Beach Riot a slightly different sound from their peers. Blush is a perfect example of this. Wonderful scuzzy fuzzy frenzied guitars and those striking vocals. A personal highlight of the night was Tune In, Drop Out. Don’t you love it when you are going to see a band and you have one song in particular you can’t wait to hear live. Singer/guitarist Rory is the lead vocal here and it is a fantastic indie rock pop song – if there is such a genre! Previous single Wraith was another highlight with the vocal switching between singer/guitarists Cami and Rory. Joined in Beach Riot by Jim on bass and Jonny on drums, this 4-piece are tight and energy personified. A wonderful rendition of Lily Allen’s The Fear was sung by Cami, and there was even an impromptu request for My Sharona – with bassist Jim duly obliging for a few of the opening chords! It was so intriguing to learn that Cami received a Facebook message from existing singer and guitarist Rory, inviting her to join Beach Riot leading to her relocating from Argentina. This set was sprinkled with tracks from the current album including Sofa Surfer, Wrong Impression, She’s a Hurricane and the album's opening track the blistering B.A.D which starts with a nanosecond of reverb before the pounding drums and electric guitars kick in. Beach Riot are about half-way through their current UK tour and chatting to them afterwards learnt they had travelled as far north as Inverness which is to be applauded. Did I mention they are based in Brighton!




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