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New Release from Static Vision

The Limerick trio have remastered their 2019 classic I Want You

Cover art for I Want You by Static Vision

With St Patrick's Day just about visible in the rear view mirror, our track of the week is from Limerick's Static Vision. They also featured in our latest podcast in which we learned of the band's travails around the time this track was first recorded in 2018.

Well now Cian and Tom are back with a new drummer, Toby Shane, and more determination than ever to get their music the audience it deserves. To that end they have remastered I Want You from the 'Faith In The Future' EP. Beefed up, souped up, punchier than Conor McGregor on a night out on the Shankhill Road and catchier than the contents of Astra Zeneca's sample fridge, it's a punk reimagining of romance shot through with the gleeful energy of The Ramones, Buzzcocks or The Undertones.

From the opening 1, 2, 3, 4 it's a short, joyful, life-affirming restatement of the primeval power of melody, guitars and drums. Utterly brilliant.

I Want You is out now available on all streaming platforms. Follow Static Vision on Spotify here


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