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Five Irish Bands To Look Out For In 2021

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Our prediction? It's going to be a fantastic year.


1. Sprints

This Dublin-based four-piece have just announced their debut EP for some time in early 2021 which, in fairness, is about as specific as anyone can dare to be these days. Recent singles from the EP, Drones and the eponymous Manifesto, have seen the band accentuate their grinding, industrial tones with the help of soon to be legendary producer Daniel Fox (Girl Band). Yet, Karla Chubb’s incisive lyrics and passionate performances ensure that the Dublin band retain their garage rock soul. They’re on to a lethal combination.

2. NewDad

Recently championed by everyone from your parents who heard them through the wall to deified disk jockey Steve Lamacq, Galway's NewDad are soon to be everywhere. Their rise throughout lockdown has been nothing short of meteoric and that will only continue once their legions of new fans get to cram themselves into venues that may struggle to hold them. Make sure to keep an eye out for their upcoming EP if you’ve ever thought to yourself “I like the Pixies but I wish they’d just chill out a bit”.

3. Static Vision

Static Vision are a three-piece from Limerick and have been my favourite band in Ireland since I heard their debut EP Faith in the Future last year. Imagine Kurt Cobain meets The Rubberbandits on a night out and he decides to give it all up, move to Limerick and spend the summer writing tunes and drinking cans. I later found out that they’d recorded it two years previous but just “never got around to releasing it”. All you have to do is listen and you’ll share in my disbelief that any band could sit on something so unbelievably good for so long. Having spent the summer writing, they’re now back in the studio and there’s nobody I recommend seeing live more once gigs return. Listen to their podcast on Blowtorch Records.

4. The Love Buzz

The trio have made the most of the current situation by taking to the streets of Cork to share their own homemade recipe of psych-punk goodness with the masses. It should come as no surprise that they found a new way to get their sounds out in the world. If you’ve seen them live you’ll know that they were born to do it, such is the joy and energy in their performances. Having just returned from the studio, I’m eager to hear how they choose to follow up 2019’s excellently eccentric Candy Flip EP. I’m assuming they haven’t mellowed out.

5. Turnstiles

Yes, I’m putting my own band Turnstiles on this list. Like everyone, this summer’s lockdown felt like having the rug pulled from under us. It’s been sickening to not play live but we’ve spent all the time we’ve had together in Cillian’s shed writing, rehearsing and drinking lots of tea. We’ve just finished recording the product of those sessions and are aiming to share it with everyone as soon as possible. It’s sounding colossal, stay tuned. Listen to Turnstiles discussing their EP here



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