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The Savage Hearts release debut single Gang War/Speed Kills

Updated: Mar 25

Former Strypes drummer Evan Walsh has a new project, The Savage Hearts, and a new garage rock sound on debut single Gang War .


Track: Gang War b/w Speed Kills

Band: The Savage Hearts

Released: February 26 2024

Cover art for debut single 'Gang War' from The Savage Hearts

In his excellent autobiography and story of The Go Betweens, Grant and I, Robert Forster consistently and forcefully makes the case for singles. He says they are a statement of intent, a manifesto of a band's current state of thinking. Not averse to a manifesto ourselves here at Blowtorch Records, we wholeheartedly agree and further would add that the ideal single has an A and a B side, great artwork and doesn't overstay its welcome.

Think The Marvelettes' You're The One/ Paper Boy, The Creation's Making Time/Try And Stop Me, The Jam's In The City/ Takin' My Love, The Smiths' This Charming Man/Jeane (a contender for best single ever). All of which preamble (get to the point - Ed) brings to a classic single of today.

Evan Walsh, erstwhile drummer of The Strypes and briefly in The Zen Arcade, has hatched a new project deep in rural Cavan. Rounding up a bunch of local musicians and the mysterious vibe meister Eddie Cruizer, the result is the compelling Gang War/Speed Kills which ticks all the boxes above.

The harmonica wails and organ wafts add texture to an uncompromising slab of brutish, bruising rock 'n' roll.

Gang War is a mighty collision between 60s Nuggets style garage rock, 70s pre punk such as Eddie and the Hot Rods/101ers and early punk itself. The harmonica wails and organ wafts add texture to an uncompromising slab of brutish, bruising rock 'n' roll. The aural accompaniment to a night out on the dangerous side of town, leather jacket on, Marlboro Red behind your ear and eyes peeled for craic - and danger. Not a post modern reference in sight.

B side Speed Kills is a mile-a-minute masterclass in keeping it simple. Starting off like a full on punk classic it adds in some classic 50s stylings and cracking backing vocals - "you don't have a boyfriend but you don't care." From The Damned to Dion via Danny and the Juniors - we kid you not, it's brilliant - check it out.

The single was produced by Evan, engineered by Dan Doherty and Martin Quinn at Darklands Audio and JAM studios, and mixed and mastered by Martin Quinn at JAM. It's available on digital but we know you will want it on old school black wax.

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