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The Swedish Railway Orchestra release 'Dance To The Drum Machine' deluxe.

Extra extra! With 25 tracks this deluxe version truly delivers vision and value.


Album: Dance To The Drum Machine deluxe edition

Band: The Swedish Railway Orchestra

Released: Dec 6 2022

Cover art for Dance To The Drum Machine deluxe edition by The Swedish Railway Orchestra

Dance To The Drum Machine from Rob Smith's electronic project The Swedish Railway Orchestra was released on Blowtorch Records vinyl in July this year.

Out now is the deluxe edition which contains 25 tracks - the original album plus b-sides, demos and some new tracks. The deluxe digital edition and the original vinyl are available to buy together as a special offer bundle for only €20.

Hot Press magazine made one of the new tracks Black Magic Devil Woman a song of the week commenting "... the perfect backdrop for when you want to keep the party going but you’ve reached the point where cheesy pop hits won’t cut it anymore, ‘Black Magic Devil Woman’ meets the key need of 2/3am after party tunes."

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