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TV People release first single of 2024 'Rain'

Updated: Jan 21

TV People continue their run of raw narrative singles with Rain exploring themes of emigration and isolation


Track: Rain

Band: TV People

Released: January 19 2024

Fresh from last but one single Die Down featuring in a Made In Chelsea episode (cognitive dissonance anyone?) TV People are back with their first single of 2024 Rain. We said it before but it bears repeating - small title, massive song.

Rain is also the title of one of The Beatles' finest ever tracks (incredibly relegated to the b side of Paperback Writer) and it may be a coincidence, but the lyrics for TV People's Rain open with the title of another Beatles song "Hello, goodbye..." This may mean nothing at all however the heartfelt emotions behind Rain are clear. The lyrics continue

"Will we talk of the change in the shifting sky?

Never show, never tell

But I heard on the phone that you weren't too well"

concisely summing up the experience of moving away and not being able to effectively communicate with loved ones left behind.

The track was written after Paul & Bren relocated from Dublin to London, and reflects on the feelings of loneliness and disconnection experienced by the band during their early months in the UK. Crafted during a period of mental duress and isolation, the song captures the superficiality of long-distance communication and the concealed struggles that individuals often keep hidden from the world.

As they say "ultimately, Rain is an emotive articulation of profound sadness and solitude, representing a universal need for connection in the face of disquieting isolation."

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