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'Attacca' vinyl mixtape EP by Sam Girling

Attacca is the debut mixtape of UK electronic artist, producer and DJ Sam Girling. The 13 tracks on side A are a continuous mix and a reflection of Sam's creative output in its rawest form. Side B is an extended version of Take Your Time. The mixtape is written in tandem, with each track directly affecting the tempo, key and themes of the next. 

1. Overthought Intro
2. Sahel
3. Faith
4. Just Me
5. Need Your Love
6. Work It Organ
7. Wish You Never Met Me
8. Chaotic Interlude
9. Taping Life
10. Living Dissonant
11. Deny
12. Take Your Time
13. You Don't Wanna Know


'Attacca' vinyl mixtape EP by Sam Girling

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