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Front cover & vinyl of Search Results Information Blip album

The debut LP from Dublin's Search Results with their alt take on Ireland's post punk guitar scene. This 12" black vinyl LP is a repress as the initial limited edition of 150 sold out double quick. Second pressing is identified by '#2' text on centre labels. Shipping now.


1. Enter The Blip

2. No Murder

3. Ounic Rick

4 .Three

5. John. In A Raincoat

6. In The Dermat’s Dermal Layer

7. Visiting Years

8. Sleeping


Side B

9. Flower Rock Rain 
10. Vat Jance 
11. Shitfingers
12. Run Me Down
13. Losings
14. Bottom
15. Reggie 2

Search Results 'Information Blip' 12" vinyl LP

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