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WHY BOTHER? Calling All Goons LP

WHY BOTHER? are a back to basics DIY punk outfit from Mason City, Iowa. With added synth sounds for a psych edge. We imported their most recent album Lacerated Nights; it went down so well that we have brought in a few copies of their new album Calling All Goons so you can get your hands on it without the insane postage charges. 


Track listing is:


1. Verbally Transmitted Diseases
2. Enter Xterminator
3. When the Radio is Off 
4. I Wanna Be Like Pete 
5. Beautiful Deformations 
6. Emotional Grotesque 
7. What's Wrong With Me? 
8. Hour of the Owl 
9. Chatter 
10. Climbing Out of the Sky 
11. I Forfeit 
12. Had Enough? 
13. And Beyond 

WHY BOTHER? Calling All Goons LP

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