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Galway-based trio Adore release debut single 'Postcards'

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Postcards from art punk trio Adore is their debut single with a vinyl release on the way.


Track: Postcards

Band: Adore

Released: June 30 2023

Artwork for Flower Rock Rain single by Search Results

Artwork for Postcards by Conor Ostheimer

A scuzzy melodic romp through surf rock to Britpop, it beautifully captures their cool intensity.

Postcards is the debut single from Adore and their first ever recorded material. It's a brilliant studio capture of their thrilling live sound by Mike O'Dowd from Lakeland Studios in Athlone, who also worked with Galway legends Turnstiles. A scuzzy melodic romp through surf rock to Britpop, it beautifully captures their cool intensity.

Postcards is out now on all steaming platforms and is available on a 7" lathe cut single with Stay Free Old Strangers on the flip side.

Postcards captures the euphoric live energy of their gigs. A rock solid rhythm underpins Lara's slash surf guitar and melodic vocals. Lachlann's voice takes over on for verse two which is a neat effect. Punky and poppy, it references bands such as The Breeders, Elastica and Yeah Yeah Yeahs while adding their own experimental and arty edge.

Lyrically Postcards is about parasocial relationships in the 21st century. Lachlann takes up the story: "There was a lot going on in the news at the time we wrote it about a Hollywood court case, and we'd always see people in Instagram comments who would really believe they had a personal connection to the people in said case. A lot of them were simply identifying with the personal stories, but there were some that were more intense. When you're handed very intimate details about someone's life, you can feel that personal connection very easily, because usually to know those types of details you'd need to know them very well, however some people slip too far down the road."

Dublin band Search Results on a bench

Adore lineup with Lara Minchin on guitar and vocals, Lachlann Ó Fionnáin on bass and vocals, and Naoise Jordan Cavanagh on drums (who also plays in another Blowtorch band Punching Peaches.)

Lara, who was previously in a band with Naoise called GIF, started Adore in early 2022. She called up Lachlann on bass and they have been gigging relentlessly since.

Since joining forces with Blowtorch Records, they have recorded two tracks Postcards and Stay Free Old Strangers. These appear on their first vinyl release - a 7" lathe cut single produced by Mike O'Dowd, mastered by Richard Dowling with artwork by Conor Ostheimer.

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