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April news! It's the gas, gas, gas!

- Our new podcast features Peter Jones from Rotator Vinyl

- New release from Liana Forte

- Nixer singles compilation CD


Our new podcast feat. Peter Jones from Rotator Vinyl is now live on the website, Spotify & Apple

Artwork for Blowtorch Records podcast

In this episode, something slightly different as I chat to Peter Jones from Rotator Vinyl in Dublin. Peter is a fascinating character who has lived his life by the DIY ethos of the anarcho punk scene which was spearheaded in the 70s and 80s by bands such as Crass and Zounds. He now runs Rotator Vinyl as a one-stop shop for almost anything merch-related, with a particular penchant for vinyl and demystifying the production process for bands. He also plays in his own band Paranoid Visions and thus has great insights from both perspectives. He shares his background and experiences in the music industry and has some valuable thoughts on how young bands can survive and thrive in the digital era. As ever great music including Crass, Turnstiles, Paranoid Visions and The Radiators From Space.


New track from Liana Forte

Cover art for Me And My God by Liana Forte

Our track of the week comes courtesy of our new signing from Finland - Liana Forte. Me and My God is an unsettling listen both lyrically and musically. The backing doesn't allow you to settle as you listen to Liana's characteristic half sung, half whispered, menacing voice intone 'scratch my skin with a metal wire, tear my blood vessels out of my corpse'. Katy Perry it is not. Dark, edgy and genuinely captivating is where we are at here.


Nixer have released their fifth single and have collected all their singles so far onto CD

Nixer singles compilation CD

The mighty and prolific Nixer have now collected all five of their singles so far onto one gorgeously packaged CD. Crank it loud, hold onto your home-poured drink of choice and turn your kitchen into Studio 54 for the night. The track listing is:

Your Days Are Over

Magnolia Mouth

True Romance



The price is a highly affordable €7 + postage. All proceeds are ploughed back into making more delicious indie techno bangers.



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