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First remix of Temptation Death House is released

Jagged Baptist Club x JJ Schroeder from Smashing Pumpkins - remix #1 of their second album's standout track


Jagged Baptist Club's fuzzy, buzzing, kinetic groove is never better highlighted than on the leadoff single Temptation Death House from their eponymous second album which dispenses with Blake's guitar altogether 'because it worked for the song'.

No guitar delivers a track which, as we noted in our blog welcoming them to Blowtorch Records, '...breaks new ground for a band normally known as guitar-wielding, atonal sonic terrorists. Built around an unstoppably sexy drum and bass groove, the song winds its way through the city like an Anaconda on its way to a guillotine.'

Jagged Baptist Club remix by Jeff Schroeder

Sounds like a track ripe for a remix right? Hell yeah. And now we have an album's worth on the way (7 in total) starting with this opener from Smashing Pumpkins' Jeff Schroeder which is out now. As is his prerogative, Jeff has added guitar back in - sounds good to us!

The album is out March 3 and will see a CD release via Blowtorch Records.

Full details of all the remixers are on our Bandcamp page.


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