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New Scottish music review with San Jose and Escape Goats

Our weekly fix of the best new music as Julia Mason (aka The Decibel Decoder) brings us her review of new Scottish music with singles from San Jose For Jim, I Loved You and Escape Goats Magazine

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Artist: San Jose

Track: For Jim, I Loved You

New single For Jim, I Loved You by San Jose

San Jose have released their new single For Jim, I Loved You.  The Scottish 6-piece have created a dark, intense, brooding follow up to last year's Self Help

Exploring the hook of faith it blends an almost eastern mystical vibe which sits in the background, with a vocal which is pained and tormented.  The repeated lyrics are perhaps a nod towards the ritualistic behaviour demanded of worship, but the instrumentation suggests a desire to break free, especially at the outro which screeches with this hope.

San Jose share the following on the track: “I think faith is an intriguing thing. The majority of us in the band have experience with Catholic education. In some way we are unified by this experience. The long breaks for mass, a limited understanding for the holy trinity and the vivid gruel-ish grey of the school meals. Perhaps the last one was more of a Kilmarnock thing, than a Catholic thing. This experience has always positioned me in captivity of religion, the lack of choice in my own upbringing may have triggered a fight or flight response in its regard.

I suppose this song comes from that.  The religious paraphernalia that surrounds us.  The Pope John-Paul pipe or the archbishop’s bong.  When we consider the paraphernalia, the culture and the worship, can we really not compare it to certain cults of the mid-century?”

* * *

Artist: Escape Goats

Track: Magazine

Escape Goats release new single Magazine

Escape Goats have released their second single Magazine and the trio have produced a track full of hooky guitars and indie vibes. Sounding very different from their debut Muhammad Ali, mid-track Magazine soars, and that key change is an utter delight. 

John McLinden (Vocals/Guitar), Andrew Shepherd (Bass) and Adam Parker (Vocals/Drums) formed Escape Goats at the beginning of 2024 in Glasgow.  Two singles released by spring is pretty impressive. 

The track continues to build as it progresses.  The pace slowly increasing, with the guitars and drums becoming bolder and louder, the vocals more impassioned, until it all comes crashing down in the outro.  This is a track that demands a repeat listen, it takes the listener along with it, and with each listen you are more intrigued about the story-telling. 

The band share the following about the track:“Magazine is about hurtling towards something so quickly that you don’t notice things falling apart around you.”

Looking forward to single number three already……..


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