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New single 'Fallen Devil' from The Swedish Railway Orchestra

Updated: May 24, 2022

With new album Dance To The Drum Machine due for release shortly, the second single and video are out now


Track: Fallen Devil

Band: The Swedish Railway Orchestra

Released: May 18 2022

Cover art for Fallen Devil by The Swedish Railway Orchestra

Fallen Devil is the second single taken from TSRO's upcoming album Dance To The Drum Machine and back to a more uptempo floor filler after the brilliantly gothic melancholy of first single The Ballhaus. And in a nice old school touch there's a b side too - Mickey Money - which is a gorgeous slice of psychedelia with a bass line worthy of The Beatles' Rain.

The Swedish Railway Orchestra is the project of Dublin musician and producer Rob Smith. During the Corona pandemic he decided to do a guitar-based album as The Reprobates which was (and I quote Rob directly here) "...absolute madness. Being locked down at home made me do crazy things. Whole album is 20 mins long."

One of the originals (it also includes a cover of The Fall's Big New Prinz) is a track called I Don’t Want To Know What’s Her Problem - a two minute blast of garage punk. It's right here on Spotify

Rob takes up the story: "I challenged myself to see if I could turn that song into a disco/electro song for the TSRO project. The result is Fallen Devil, and the driving anthem you hear now."

It is a veritably giddy slice of electro pop. Arpeggiated synths and live drums mesh perfectly and a cow bell drives the track on to the super catchy 'oh la la' refrain. So far so Goldfrapp and then a tasty rhythm guitar worthy of Nile Rodgers finishes the track most satisfyingly. With a delicious nightclub set B&W video to accompany it.

The new album Dance To The Drum Machine is set for a vinyl release on July 27th 2022. We talked to Rob about the TSRO project and how he makes his music in our recent podcast.


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