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Nixer release 'Second Hand' - their third single of 2023

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Second Hand from London-based, Irish-born Nixer is the new single with the promise of an EP later this year.


Track: Second Hand

Band: Nixer

Released: May 19 2023

Cover art for Second Hand by Nixer

Artwork for Second Hand by Nixer. Credit Louis Blenkinsop

With their third single of the year Second Hand, London based, Irish act Nixer continue a creatively prolific 2023. Simultaneously comes the announcement of their second full EP I hit the town and the town hit me back. It was released on May 19 with the EP planned for Autumn 2023.

Following on from the successes of Pleasure & Irish Dancer, Second Hand continues the act’s run of diverse singles, from both a sonic and thematic perspective. The Nixer sound continues to develop based on what Seán calls the 3 E's - electronic, energetic, evolving.

The trademark fizz bomb bpm is present and correct, and the opening buzzy acid synths calibrate the electronic synapses. The descending guitar riff which kicks in around the 40 second mark is a great touch and sounds like it could have come from a 80s track by Bauhaus or Killing Joke. The short 'it was only a shadow' interlude gives a brief pause for breath before the track kicks on again to its thrilling conclusion.

Lyrically the record focuses on themes of fraught connection and festering distrust as life unravels around the writer. The words are delivered with defiance and anger as Seán shines a light on a situation through clever use of observation.

Second hand street

Second hand meet

Second hand walk

Home alone it’s only darkness you greet

Lyrically and sonically, a musical inspiration that does both for me is Boy Harsher

Seán Keenan from Nixer
Louis Blenkinsop

Nixer frontman Seán relates: "musically I'm inspired by anything that piques my interest and inspires me lyrically or anything that sonically that makes me wanna move my body and go crazy. A musical inspiration that does both for me is Boy Harsher. Other inspirations would be Alex G, King Krule amongst a diverse range of music."

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