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To keep up to date with what's happening in Irish punk, post punk, psych, motorik and electronica follow our Blowtorch Records 'Gas It Up' Spotify playlist.

There's a new one each month and they are constantly being updated. If you would like to be featured get in touch using the contact form below.

Track of the week - Wipers by Blue Slate

Blue Slate's new single Wipers is a track written between shows on their busy gigging schedule during 2022. It mixes a heavy wall of hazy guitar sound with ethereal vocals and a pulsating rhythm section, culminating in a lush mix of guitars and synth. Wipers marks a new, more focused direction for the band and a breakaway from their early, grungier sound.

The four members are John Harney (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Lyrics), Pierce Devine (Lead Guitar), Dillon Carville (Bass) and Jay O’Neill (Drums). Together since the early months of 2022, they have been busy playing shows all over Ireland promoting Wipers. Drawing from a wide range of genres, the foursome create a unique heavy soundscape of sludgy yet dreamy & melodic riffs with intricate breakdowns. 

Latest News

If you dig synth punk bands like GEE TEE, Diode and Why Bother? you'll love this Italian band - DADAR

We have a few copies of their excellent LP 'Iron Cage'


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Sam Girling is an electronic artist, producer and DJ from the UK. Attacca is his debut mixtape with the 13 tracks each directly affecting the tempo, key and themes of the next.

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The next release from Sam is viral Tik Tok tune Ankerklause (Is The Feeling Only Strong?)

Paranoid Visions artwork 40 years part 1 LP

This vinyl mini LP contains a new track, '40 YEARS IN 45 MINUTES' on side A (45rpm). The other side (33rpm) holds new 2022 recordings of tracks from the 80s, 90s, 00s and 10s along with audio inserts chronicling some of each decade's pivotal news stories. Click for order details 

Front cover art Attacca
DADAR Iron Cage LP

About Blowtorch Records

Blowtorch Records is an independent record label based in Galway on the West coast of Ireland. We offer a boutique online home for Irish bands and artists and those further afield. We are The Future Sound Of Ireland. Take a browse through our roster. Irish punk or post-punk? Try Turnstiles, Punching Peaches and Japanese Jesus. Chilled dance beats? The Swedish Railway Orchestra are for you. Experimental electronica - Liana Forte. Indie techno - Nixer. Shoegaze - Virgins. You get the picture. If you're looking for chart music and free downloads, this is probably not the place for you. 


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