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Back to just one track of the week this week. The weather, as Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood memorably sang in Jackson, is '...hotter than a pepper sprout' and even a digital release could melt in this heat. 

Moondog are bravely sweating it out with their latest in a clutch of fine singles, Stand.

Stand starts off startlingly intimate, with just an overdriven guitar and Jack's voice crooning right in your ear, as if he's telling you a secret. Like a conversation in the smoking area with Jeff Buckley, and Jimi Hendrix busking in the background.


After being assured 'She won't stand for anyone' everything opens up and as the vocals head off into the reverb tank, it suddenly sounds like we're in a Beatlesque dream sequence.

It's not only the playing on this which is exquisite, the production touches are super fine too. Best enjoyed with a cold beer and a pair of headphones.

Latest News

Marissa Dai has released her second single as Check Please! following her name change from Catsica. She wanted the same 'band' sound as debut Homewrecker. "I wrote it in November around my birthday. It was a really chaotic time for me and I was recovering from being burnt out. I just wanted to make something loud and chaotic with an honest and ultimately sweet message."

Big thanks to Julia Mason for her Q & A with John McLinden from Glasgow's pair of selfish genes MEMES. You can find her interview in our latest blog.

Since their debut double A-side 'Blah Blah Blah'/'Funny Man' they have torched through the indie landscape with their wry take on life, backed by a winning blend of Fire Engines, IDLES and the Fall. Find out what's in their DNA.

Cover for podcast episode 20

For episode 20,  we've started a new strand in the podcast. Rather than chatting to a guest, we have done a review of recent releases on the label. There's some extra inside info chucked in - and a sneak preview of an upcoming release. Each track is played in full too as Eric B and Rakim nearly said.

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