This week's top track Lakeshore Bus is the new side from our favourite musician named after a semiconductor device (bit niche) Keith Mosfet. He's mixed it up somewhat, with a more reflective rumination on how a trip on public transport can lead to moments of shared intimacy with complete strangers. Driven on by an insistent riff and overlaid with a lovely trumpet part, it's another winner from Mr Mosfet.

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Many thanks to PhotogMusic for their review of Keith Mosfet's latest release Lakeshore Bus. Driven by a great insistent riff, which repeats throughout the track, and adorned with gorgeous trumpet it's a sweet reflection on shared moments.

The Total Feedback 2020 Shoegazer compilation album is released on October 21. concrete twin created the track ”TRY” for the album which is available on YouTube. The full album is on Spotify.

The launch is being streamed in 2 parts and tickets are available here 

Cian O'Dowd from Limerick's excellent Static Vision has released a solo track Suppose To Do with accompanying video.  Dialling down the power, it sounds like a hungover Cobain channelling The Doors' Spanish Caravan on acoustic and chime bars. Crackin' stuff.

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