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of all living things release second EP 'Cold Plunge'

Dublin slowcore band of all living things have released their second EP Cold Plunge


EP: Cold Plunge

Band: of all living things

Released: May 31 2024

For many an Arctic Monkeys lite, indie landfill band, opening an EP with an unaccompanied 'I tried my very best ..." might cause a cynically raised eyebrow and also provide the open goal review opportunity of "no you didn't."

As the haunting vocals of front woman Eunice Saraiva are joined by Cian McDaid's plaintive acoustic strum, and EP opener If I'm Honest develops, any cynicism is swept away by the realisation that we are in the presence of art and beauty.

of all living things is a four-piece Dublin based band who say they are inspired by memories of youth, and art which evokes themes of wistfulness. Appropriately then maybe, their sound is reminiscent of 90s slowcore/shoegaze, with layers of textured guitars complementing Saraiva's ethereal, yearning vocals.

But 90s revivalists they are not. While they themselves note influences from Low, Mazzy Star and Yo La Tengo, there are hints of the euphoric melancholy of bands such as Just Mustard, Sigur Rós and Radiohead/The Smile.

In the EP track by track podcast we recorded with Eunice and bassist Danilo Ward, they related how they like to see their live shows as a continuous performance rather than a series of songs and the EP is designed to flow that way. Instrumental interlude Cold Plunge leads into Find with a production touch designed to make the listener feel as if they are going underwater.

Like Hope Sandoval in Mazzy Star, the vocals may provide a focal point however there is so much more to savour on this EP which is a significant step up from their debut On Familiar Ground. The backing vocals of McDaid and Ward add colour and texture along with the simpatico drums of Cam Teehan. Every instrument is mixed perfectly so no one thing dominates. The melodies are divine and the sadness exquisite.

As we learn in the podcast, the lyrics are more a carrier of tone and feeling rather than meaning, and thus lean into the Liz Fraser sound of the words serving the song.

On its release we called EP closer Fecho Os Olhos possibly the loveliest song you will hear this year. If I had to pick one, My Call is probably the standout track on the EP, but that's like having to choose your favourite finger. I love them all.

Press shot of Dublin band of all living things
Credit Evan Cahill

of all living things are Cam Teehan, Eunice Saraiva, Danilo Ward and Cian McDaid.

The EP was recorded and mixed by Ber Quinn in Dublin's Sonic Studios and mastered by John Webber at Air Studios.

The vinyl artwork design is by Nina Ruminska.

The new EP Cold Plunge is available to order now on 12" black vinyl.

There is also an early bird offer which nets you the new vinyl EP AND the previous EP On Familiar Ground


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