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Orchids release debut single 'Memoria' from upcoming album

Northern Ireland's collaborative project Orchids bloom with debut single Memoria feat Melyssa Shannon from Wynona Bleach


Orchids is a unique, collaborative project that brings together some of the finest musicians, producers and mastering engineers in Northern Ireland. A celebration of the talent the country produces, especially highlighting the talents of women and trans-women and the massive contribution they make to the community.

Debut single Memoria from Northern Irish project Orchids

One of the key champions of the Northern Irish music community is Belfast's Michael Smyth, guitarist in our very own Virgins and live promoter via his Old Crows organisation.

He was also the driving force behind a previous band we had on the label - Paper Tigers. When that project fell apart, he was left holding nine tracks written and recorded with the band (Michael on guitar, Emma Rose on bass and Matthew Milner on drums) but still needing vocals.

Michael being Michael, he threw himself into finding a solution which would give the songs the audience they deserved. As they were written with a female vocal in mind, he reached out to a number of female vocalists from Northern Ireland, asking them to feature on one or more of the tracks.

The fruits of his labour are now apparent as Orchids have released the debut single Memoria from their forthcoming eponymously titled album. It is one of two tracks on the album featuring Melyssa Shannon of Wynona Bleach.

Lyrically the track talks of words falling on the deaf ears of a partner who feigns interest in a relationship when the truth is the opposite. Here’s what Mel had to say about bringing the track to life.

“The working title of the demo was the main inspiration of the lyrics, Memoria. It's about that person who no matter how many times you tell them your feelings, they stampede on ahead with their own feelings put first, pretending to forget you told them anything at all. Most lyrics come from gibberish or riffing around on the lead lines until something fits and this topic seemed to work with the working title in mind!

I’ve always liked the idea of working with other artists outside of my band but until now, it’s not something I’ve ever really done. I love that this album features vocals from a really cool bunch of gals from various projects in the scene here!”

The album is due out on 10 November - full track listing:

1. Memoria featuring Melyssa Shannon (Wynona Bleach)

2. Revolutions featuring Daisy Johnston

3. Hourglass featuring Rebecca Dow (Virgins)

4. Run featuring Rebecca Dow (Virgins)

5. Mannequin featuring Sianna (Tramp)

6. Do Better featuring Clodagh May

7. Sins featuring Frances Ellen

8. Smile featuring Melyssa Shannon (Wynona Bleach)

9. …And Ghosts featuring Rebecca Dow (Virgins)

The album was recorded at Start Together Studio by Ryan McGroarty, mixed by Jonny Woods at his 1980 something studio and mastered by Jon Moorehead


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