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Recent and upcoming 2024 vinyl releases from Blowtorch Records

Updated: May 8

Keeping it physical and fairly priced, Blowtorch Records is committed to putting out the best independent Irish tunes on vinyl


Blowtorch records sticker from Italian merch company Sticker Mule

Band: The Swedish Railway Orchestra

LP: Once Upon A Time...

Release: March 7 2024

The fifth TSRO studio album leaves itself so authentically out on the table that there is no feeling to the LP of it trying to be anything other than Swedish Railway Orchestra. While the sound differs a bit from their usual work, this alternative, new wave, dance track could bring even the most fundamentalist punk to scuff up their Doc Martens and get down to this. 

As our friends at Bigmoon Records noted "Once Upon A Time... is an album full of dirty electro, classic house, Andrew Weatherall Primal Scream, LCD Soundsystem-influences, early Hacienda acid house with Funky Brazilian beats thrown into the mix, 80s, 90s, 00s sounds and so much more. This has it all and definitely a labour of love by TRSO." That pretty much nails it.

We have a few vinyl copies left - once they are gone that's it folks.


Band: Nerves

EP: Glórach

Release: March 15 2024

Nerves are an experimental punk band from the West of Ireland fronted by Kyle Thornton on vocals/guitar, with Charlie McCarthy on bass and Adam Nealon on the drum stool. With an intrinsic understanding of the Irish sensibilities around death, degradation and emigration in Ireland, these themes are woven into the DNA of their debut EP Glórach. It's a record for which the adjective 'glórach' could have been invented - outspokenly loud. It's also abrasive, dynamic with passages of deafening noise and wondrous quiet, melancholic, angry and thrillingly inventive.

As our release review noted "Nerves have spent 2 years refining their sound since their previous release and they plainly used the time wisely as this debut EP has a tight, coherent sound and an overall aesthetic which marks them out from their peers."

After rave reviews and a series of coruscating live shows, the EP has just about sold out its vinyl run. Grab one while you can to experience the full titanic majesty of Nerves.


Band: Virgins

LP: nothing hurt and everything was beautiful

Release: April 11 2024

For their eagerly anticipated debut album, Belfast shoegazers Virgins dared to dream and the result did not disappoint. Virgins took the genre specific shoegaze sound from debut EP Transmit A Little Heaven and had the songwriting chops and confidence to expand on it with a pop friendly production and a fulsome embrace of melody.

The longer LP format gave them the opportunity to open out and expand their songs into thrilling sonic adventures. As Michael Smyth has note "we are not a pop band and we’re not confined by those structures and expectations so when there’s an opportunity to allow a song the space to breathe, I enjoy taking it." It met with universal acclaim and 4 or 5 star reviews across the board - we could fill this blog with examples but will limit ourselves to one example.

"... the perfect example of a band launching themselves forward at a pace. From a noisy practice room in Belfast, this record is reaching people across the globe. It is dark and has a depth that takes you on an epic journey, which truly encapsulates the themes on the record. Make sure you dive deep into it."

Virgins have a brilliant range of merch to tie in with the vinyl release and are a great example of what an independent band can achieve with help from even a small label such as Blowtorch Records. Think about a sticker, t shirt or badge to tie in with a release.

The debut EP sold out its vinyl run and we have no doubt this LP will do likewise.


Upcoming Blowtorch Records' vinyl releases

Band: Nixer

EP: I hit the town and the town hit me back

Release: May 15 2024

The second EP from Nixer after their debut People Feel.

I hit the town and the town hit me back further burnishes their reputation as one of the most exciting acts emerging from London’s fertile alternative scene. Nixer is a project that isn't trying to be anyone else or fit into narrow genre boxes. Instead they deliver brilliantly produced tracks with a delicately interwoven fabric of influences that are diverse both sonically and thematically

Nixer are Seán Keenan and Simon Gardner and together they deliver dancefloor friendly, uptempo and visceral electro synth wave which is sweetly balanced with the perfect amount of pop sensibilities.


Band: of all living things

EP: Cold Plunge

Release: May 31 2024

of all living things are a four piece Dublin based band. Initially inspired by their own childhood and art forms that emit themes of nostalgia, their music manifests that sentimental and introspective nature.


The Cold Plunge EP was largely written over a winter in a dark rehearsal room after endless days of work. The mood was often low, driving a growing penchant towards writing slower and softer music. 


The band's first EP, On Familiar Ground, was written in the dregs of Covid while still in college. Having become acquainted with the unforgiving nature of the working world, the themes of the new EP, as well as the title itself, refer to the environmental changes the band have gone through over the past couple of years. 


Band: Scattered Ashes

EP: All That Is Solid Melts Into Air

Release: June 15 2024

FFO The Murder Capital, Joy Division and Interpol, Scattered Ashes are an abrasive Dublin postpunk four-piece capturing the imagination of renowned tastemakers across the globe.

After being heavily championed by Steve Lamacq, they opened up 2024 with a mammoth UK tour supporting Meryl Streek along with being named as one of LOUDER magazine's '10 Irish Artists You Should Be Listening To In 2024.'

Their second EP All That Is Solid Melts Into Air is a significant step forward from debut EP Parallel Lines and is available to order now on black 12" vinyl. It will sell out - don't delay.


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