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Sligo's Some Remain release their second single Television

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Put together under pandemic restrictions, Television has a raw punk feel. And there's a B-side!


Track: Television b/w Forest Death Sesh

Band: Some Remain

Released: January 14 2022

Latest news! Played by Steve Lamacq on his new music show Friday June 24 - listen back

Cover art for Television by Some Remain

In an era of endless releases in which it seems some bands are putting out new tracks every week, and mistaking quantity for quality, it's a rare pleasure to see Sligo's Some Remain take their time. Their first single Walk Away came out in April 2021 and their second single Television is released today, January 14 2022.

It's one of the earlier songs they wrote but they have taken their time in producing it, to get a point where they were all happy with it. Due to restrictions, this involved recording their parts separately and assembling the track piece by piece. This gives it a slightly rough, live feel which suits the track brilliantly. What more do you need for a track which simply details the enervating effects of watching too much television?

Starting off with a bass line like Fontaines DC's 'Big' on speed, the two chord verse carries you along to a chorus which you can so easily imagine being belted out at the band by a buoyant crowd. "I need some energy to get me through the day" sings Jamie who we reckon has the perfect indie-punk voice - attitude and snarl comes as standard. If you feel in need of some energy, just listen to this - it's like drinking three cans of Red Bull.

It summons the energy and commitment of The Clash at their punk era peak along with the quotidian lyrical concerns of The Undertones. No finer compliment.

They have also taken the effort to produce an excellent cover and a B-side - the instrumental Forest Death Sesh. Seek these tracks out and follow the band - they're gonna be 'Big'.

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