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Static Vision release new single Lockdown

Limerick trio channel their no-gig gripes into another grunge classic


Track: Lockdown

Band: Static Vision

Released: April 22 2022

Cover art for Lockdown by Static Vision

Heavy and melodic as always, Limerick trio Static Vision have released their latest track Lockdown. Driven on by a repeating riff worthy of The mighty Fall, it's another sub 3 minute blast of Limerick attitude and attack.

Frontman Cian takes up the story: "We feel this song captures the anger we felt about not being able to play live gigs during lockdown. We also mention a bit on mainstream news how it's the same boring shite with the same stories we're always hearing. Although written a while back, we felt now since live gigs are back this would be a good time to release it."

Static Vision are a trio from Limerick, Ireland. The band consists of 2 brothers - lead/singer, songwriter & guitarist Cian O'Dowd and bass player Tom O'Dowd with powerhouse drummer Toby Shane. Since Cian started the band in 2017 the only consistent members have been his brother and himself. Their first EP Faith in the Future was released in late 2019 as the original band fell apart. After a period of finding a new drummer, Toby Shane joined and quickly the trio clicked. The sound of Static Vision comes from a raw and burning desire to take the listener into their world of beautiful, simple yet distorted melody, written and played from a deep passion for what rock 'n' roll music is truly all about. Loud, youthful and heavy.


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