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Full album of Temptation Death House remixes out now

From Jeff Schroeder's goth to Teenage Sequence's acid via Superfly Ky's rap, there's something for everyone.


Band: Jagged Baptist Club

Album: Temptation Death House remixes

Release date: March 3 2023

Back cover of Jagged Baptist Club remix CD

Temptation Death House x7!

This album length collection of remixes opens with a gothic reskin from Jeff Schroeder (Smashing Pumpkins) - he adds back in the guitar which Jagged Baptist Club took out. Teenage Sequence takes things in a very different direction with his acid house update and Boy Jr continues in that vein with a synth bombing reimagining.

It's the mark of a great track that it can be bent many ways and still sound great - as evidenced by Superfly Ky's rap. Or 1201770's electro mash up, The Swedish Railway Orchestra's Balearic beats or The Joslin Chris' trance epic.

We have a limited number of remix CDs in our online store - a digital download is available on our Bandcamp page. All new orders of JBC's vinyl LP will get a free CD.


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