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The Recent Gas from Blowtorch Records

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

-Our new podcast features Limerick's mighty Static Vision

-New blog with Freya Beer's Siren review

-concrete twin win the race for first gig of 2021

-Blowtorch Records vinyl compilation

-Petition for a much-needed rehearsal space in Galway


Latest episode of the podcast feat. Static Vision

Limerick band Static Band

In this edition of the podcast it's all about ceol agus craic as I chat to Cian, Tom & Shane from Static Vision. This Limerick trio deliver melodic punky hooks and great laughs in equal measure and I urge you to give this one a listen.

Their new single I Want You is out on all streaming platforms on March 19.


Our latest blog is a review of the fabulous new Freya Beer single Siren. With similar powerhouse drumming to her previous singles, it also has some of their glam rock influences. It opens with a spoken verse worthy of Nick Cave before launching into a chorus which channels the mad energy of Tori Amos' Cornflake Girl.

Gig poster concrete twin

There's been plenty of live gig announcements for later this year and of course many filmed gigs are happening right now. We don't know of one happening earlier than this shoegazing extravaganza in May in Tokyo.

OK, so you need to get to Japan and there's only 60 people allowed in but hey, it's a real live gig. Well, several gigs spread over four, fringe flopping, Fender offset guitar bothering days of fuzz heaven.

Day 2 - May 3rd - features Blowtorch Records' very own concrete twin.

cover art for A Plan For Something compilation

A reminder that the first Blowtorch Records compilation LP is still available to pre-order. A Plan For Something features twelve Blowtorch Records bands/artists and is available in black (€20) and red vinyl (€25).

It's worth it for the cover alone, a great design from artist Enda de Búrca

Galway rehearsal space

Remarkably, and unforgivably, there is no community rehearsal space for music artists in Galway City - a European Capital of Culture. The social & mental health benefits of music creativity are well documented. A rehearsal space in Galway is a vital necessity and should be provided for the common good. Please sign this petition calling on the council to act.


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