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UK Independent Venue Week 2022

After the last 2 years, we should celebrate not only live gigs but also that there are still venues to hold them in. Julia Mason was in Brighton to praise them like we should.


Independent Venue Week

The Green Door Store, Brighton

3 Feb 2022

Priestgate / DEADLETTER / deep tan

What an utter joy to see the return of gigs around the UK for Independent Venue Week 2022. With the cancellation of gigs over the last couple of years, this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate their return (and the venues hosting them).

Priestgate, DEADLETTER and deep tan have been playing on a rotating headline basis throughout the week and tonight it was turn of the fabulously quirky The Green Door Store in Brighton.

When I arrived at the venue, Priestgate were going through their pre-gig ritual of playing keepy-uppy while tonight's headline Deep Tan were soundchecking. Seriously you have to love these gigs!

Priestgate were first onstage and what a set. A blast of energy, frenetic all the way through with only a short breather because the lead singer broke the mic stand. But that did not stop them belting out song after song. I have no idea how the guitarist didn't fall over as he leaned so far back while playing! It was an extraordinary performance. Their current single is Eyes Closed for the Winter but in all honesty all you need to get through the winter is to see this band live.

I noticed the drummer was wearing a deep tan t-shirt, and indeed when DEADLETTER came on next their guitarist was wearing a Priestgate t-shirt. Even the bands are supporting each other. DEADLETTER are originally from Yorkshire but are now based in South London. Frontman Zac Lawrence is another exuberant performer, running in and out of the crowd, encouraging us all to move forward, generating a moshpit. They are gathering a bit of a reputation for their live shows and with previous singles including Fit For Work and Pop Culture Connoisseur this band, who are on the Nice Swan label, made even more fans tonight.

The Green Door Store is a small venue which meant you were able to thank the bands personally as they finished their sets, which was an absolute pleasure.

Finally it was deep tan. The trio are on Dan Carey's Speedy Wunderground label and of course the guitarist was wearing a Priestgate t-shirt. The members of the other bands were now in the crowd which meant for a lively end of the night. Their set flew by and absolutely left the crowd wanting more. Beginner's krav maga was released in January and Speedy Wunderground have put out a 7" vinyl tamu's yiffing refuge. We had a chance to chat to bassist Wafah Dufour after the gig and she was so appreciative of the crowd's response. And I have to mention that the drummer was playing with red drumsticks - very cool.

So a fantastic night, a chance to chat to the bands and have this shared experience in one of Brighton's quirkiest venues. I'm already looking forward to IVW 2023. Thank the heavens live music is back.


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