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Purple logo for Wyse
Logo for Wyse

is driven by a need to express difficult truths, by a visceral need to communicate the life she lives in the time in which she finds herself.

Wyse press shot Allusions EP

She is an artist/producer whose emotional intelligence is the catalyst for her musical projects. 

Wyse’s latest EP, Allusions, saw a vinyl release via Blowtorch Records in July 2022. The first single from it was Run Away - full details in our review blog - followed by Belladonna and 3 Whole Days.

The telling of her stories in a dynamic but non-conformative way is intended to reflect a contemporary society characterised by constantly evolving change, activity and progress. In turn her musical influences inspire a bold quest for sonic experimentation and relatable intimacy. Wyse’s music showcases poignant, compelling lyrics propelled by infectious melodies, unexpected rhythms and percussive interludes, growling guitars and swelling synths.

The digital, electronic and acoustic textures are tinged with an uplifting melancholy and an emotional vulnerability.

We first heard Not That Sorry which was accompanied by a Tiiva remix and a live video. The single was included on the four track Anomalies EP released in October '21 which also included WisdomDrown and Hologram.

It tells of Wyse becoming stuck in the ‘rat-race’, desperate to find her purpose in life. A fractious employer, money struggles, a relationship break-up, loneliness in the confines of living with strangers in a house-share and her eventual reaction to these issues inspired this cathartic lyrical and musical outpouring of anger, sarcasm, mutiny and rebellion.

Photos: Linden Nieto

Wyse playing guitar



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