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Recent and upcoming vinyl releases from Blowtorch Records

Keeping it physical, Blowtorch Records is committed to putting out the best independent tunes on vinyl


Recent Blowtorch Records vinyl releases

Band: Japanese Jesus

EP: Depression Breakfast

Release: June 23 2023

Japanese Jesus' Depression Breakfast EP is their debut vinyl release. As one review had it "From the opening track, Japanese Jesus establishes an aggressive, intense, energetic atmosphere that never lets up throughout the entire EP. Heavily distorted riffs drive the song forward, while the additional layer of noise creates a wall of sound that is both chaotic and controlled."

You really need to hear this loud to appreciate how good it is. Our standout track is Tension but it's pretty much a first among equals situation.


Single: Postcards

Band: Adore

Release: June 30 2023

Postcards is the debut single from Adore and their first ever recorded material. It's a brilliant studio capture of the euphoric live energy of their gigs by Mike O'Dowd from Lakeland Studios in Athlone, who also worked with Galway legends Turnstiles.

As our release review noted "... a scuzzy melodic romp through surf rock to Britpop, it beautifully captures their cool intensity."

The flip side is the equally brilliant Stay Free Old Strangers. Very limited number left - your chance to be in at the start of something big.


EP: Emperors of St. Mary's Road

Band: Punching Peaches

Release: July 22 2023

Emperors of St. Mary's Road is the evocatively titled debut EP from Punching Peaches, an Irish post-punk/experimental band from Galway. They line up as vocalist/guitarist Conor King, guitarist Jack Sinnott and drummer Naoise Jordan Cavanagh (who is also the drummer in Adore).

Bringing a different vibe than the current crop of Irish guitar bands, Punching Peaches' sound is an ultrasonic gritty psychedelic 70s fast-paced thing that is hard to pin down. It doesn't fit into one category because each song goes into its own journey that creates little intricacies. A sound that captures their passion, talent, and absolute ability to burn a house down.


Upcoming Blowtorch Records' vinyl releases

LP: Information Blip

Band: Search Results

Release: September 15 2023

Dublin trio Search Results provide an alternative take on the current Irish post punk/alt rock scene. They release their debut album Information Blip on September 15 and the vinyl pre order is open now.

They have released two singles from the album to date Flower Rock Rain and Three (video below). Of the former we noted "It's a delirious trip of giddy wordplay and off beat instrumentation with a gorgeous summer psych sound."

On the basis of the releases so far we are in for a fuzzy lofi treat.


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