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Houston's Check Please! drops new single Dream Come True

The artist formerly known as Catsica releases third single with an album to come


Track: Dream Come True

Band: Check Please!

Released: January 14 2022

Dream come true by Check Please! cover art

Blowtorch Records' favourite radio station (and serial supporter of our artists), BBC 6 Music, are currently running a series of shows celebrating the 90s, taking us back to the era of rave, grunge and Britpop. Bang on trend here's Check Please! with her latest release Dream Come True. And frontwoman Marissa Dai boldly declaring "When I started making the song, I wanted the chorus to sound like a late 90s - early 2000s song. I'm not entirely sure if that's what I achieved, but that's definitely what I was going for."

Before we gauge her success or otherwise on that front, let's start with that guitar intro. The Smiths in their 80's pomp anyone? I can see Johnny Marr strumming that on his Rickenbacker through a reverberated Fender. So a tremulous, tremendous start.

Once the verse vocals come in the soundscape expands but in a soft, cinematic way - indeed as if one is in a dream. And the chorus she was aiming for? Nailed it. It's driven along by the four on the snare beat and there's certainly a hint of 90s riot girl attitude yet Marissa cites Snail Mail and Taylor Swift amongst her main influences. And that's the power of her songwriting. She combines her alt leanings with a pop paradigm to deliver an infectious and melodic song which more than satisfies both sides of the indie/pop divide.

There's some great touches as the song progresses including some subtle horns in the second verse which add a hint of melancholy before we're into that joyful chorus again. Is it a literal person come true? Over to Marissa: "The song isn't really about any one person. It's more about a dream girl or dream person that I fantasize about sometimes. Generally, I'm a pretty optimistic person when it comes to love even though I can be a "bit" unlucky. I just believe things will work out for the best. The song is about that feeling of finally being with the right person, whoever they may be."

Currently completing a film degree, she's a fan of writing screenplays and her songs do sound like mini vignettes, small reels of someone's life. And you're not likely to forget them with backings as catchy as these. Hold the check for now - we want more please.

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