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The Current Future Sounds from Blowtorch Records

New release from The Rivers; five Blowtorch artists feature on charity compilation; Jack from Punching Peaches releases solo EP; October playlist live


Brand new single Halfcut from The Rivers teases their new EP

Cover art for Halfcut by The Rivers

Halfcut is the new single from The Rivers. They are a brilliant four piece from South Wales comprising Daniel Hewitt on guitar/vocals, Nathan Coaker on drums, Evan Rowe on bass and Lloyd Evans on guitar. Their previous release was their debut EP Life In General and this is their first recorded material since then.

The track has a taut, brisk, pop-rock feel to it with killer fuzz tone interludes. And like all their songs it has a down-to-earth, story-telling style reminiscent of The Small Faces or The Kinks.​

Daniel relates "Halfcut is about always ending up in arguments with your partner and they are drunk during them all. How it never solves anything, or they don’t take any information in and you end the night on an argument, and get straight back into it the next night" Dan takes up the story again "I feel all our songs are about real people, real stories. I think it makes them sound relatable and is the reason people like seem to like them." We do for sure.

The Rivers EP is out on October 22.


V4Velindre Charity Mixtape

Cover art for V4Velindre charity mixtape

Kevin McGrath is a Welsh music journalist and he has compiled a charity mixtape to support his local Velindre Cancer Centre. Having started out as 15 tracks, it kept growing. Following a Twitter conversation with friend of Blowtorch Dermot De Faoite, it now stands at 50 thanks to five Blowtorch artists who donated tracks. It's available to buy right now on Bandcamp. As Kevin says "The album sells itself, people simply need to hear it"


Solo release from Punching Peaches' Jack Sinnott

Cover art for Waza by Jack Sinnott

Jack Sinnott from Punching Peaches surprised us this week with a solo ambient release Music For Four Dimensions. Consisting of four tracks Waza, Folks listen!, Gunsmoke and #4 it's brilliant. Adopting a musique concrète approach (and on Waza with some big beats behind it) it's otherworldly and entrancing.


The Blowtorch October playlist is live on Spotify. And it's damn fine

Cover art for Blowtorch Records October playlist on Spotify

Our October Spotify playlist is up and running to celebrate the month of Halloween and spooky autumnal mists. Featuring The Rivers, Punching Peaches, Fontaines DC, Wet Leg, Pixie Cut Rhythm Orchestra, Yard Act and the odd classic, it's a great snapshot of new Irish and international music. Thanks to Mark Dyball for the image



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