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Five recent releases from Blowtorch Records

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Our latest podcast highlighted our last five releases and also a teaser of a new track


Episode 23 of the Blowtorch Records podcast was the second in a series where we round up our recent releases. This edition features tracks from Virgins, TV People, Jagged Baptist Club, Liana Forte and Moondog. There's also a short teaser of an upcoming track She Don't Care by Cian O'Dowd from Static Vision.

Vows is the debut single from a new Belfast band - Virgins. Although technically not on the label, we did do promotion for this. And also it's such an epic shoegazing track that I really wanted to include it. On guitar and drums is Michael Smyth from Belfast's Paper Tigers (who are on Blowtorch); and delivering the heavenly vocals is Brooke-Valentine Lorimer. The track is produced by Jonny Woods from Wynona Bleach, another brilliant Belfast band, and he also added bass to the track.

As we said in our review "we welcome Virgins and Vows, a brilliant addition to this world of whispered secrets and weightless noise."

Shallow Minds by TV People

The next track is Shallow Minds from Dublin's TV People. They were on our first release round up podcast with previous single Out Of The Silence and this follow up is the fifth and final track of a series recorded during lockdown. These have now been put collated into an EP Nothing More which is available across all streaming platforms and also in luscious red vinyl in the Blowtorch Record shop.

There's loads of great reviews of this track and you can find them in the review blog in our website.

My favourite has to be from French website Sound of Violence which says of Paul Donohoe's voice "the youth of its timbre irremediably evokes the bittersweet tirades of Ian McCulloch, in the era of pouting lips and firecracker hair." TV People are currently working on new songs for their debut album which will hopefully see the light of day in 2022.

Our next band have their second album coming out in October this year and their track Haunted By The Night follows up on two previous singles Temptation Death House and Chop x8.

Cover art for Haunted By The Night by Jagged Baptist Club

There's a lot going on in the Jagged Baptist Club at the moment: they are currently playing a September residency at the Silver Lake Lounge in LA. If you are lucky enough to go to one of the gigs you can avail of a very limited edition 7 inch vinyl. There's also a limited edition cassette of remixes available via Gauzy Records in the US.

We have our own limited edition cassette sampler available to buy in our shop. It contains tracks from both their albums curated by frontman Blake Stokes.

Their second album, Temptation Death House, will be available digitally at the end of October.

Cover art for I'm programmed by Liana Forte

Since the last recent release round up, Liana has released two singles i'm programmed and Spicy You. Like all her tracks, they don't sound like anything else. If you want to get an idea of how she makes her unique music, I recommend a great podcast Liana recently did with Anthony Wall from Milk Harbour. She talks about her background - born in Kazakhstan, brought up in Russia now living in Finland - and the difference it makes when she's creating music whether she's singing in Russian, English or Finnish. A very talented woman. Liana has released ten tracks since he joined Blowtorch and she's going to collect them all on one LP which is definitely something to look forward.

Cover art for Stitch of Stares by Moondog

Someone who knows all about LPs is Jack Waite and his band Moondog - they've released two in 2021. The first one was Jump The Sun and just out is Stitch of Stares. It's available on their BandCamp page and Jack says "there's one more album left in what I would sort of call a series since my first release after the next project things will be more collaborative for sure definitely stemming far from the traditional moon dog sound." Prints is our favourite and together with Trigger and Stitch of Stares forms an incredibly strong trifecta at the heart of the album.


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