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Dublin's Soundstrand release debut EP 'If You Hear This, Let Me Know'

Those charming Dublin lads Soundstrand release debut five track EP of inventive indie pop/rock


EP: If You Hear This, Let Me Know

Band: Soundstrand

Released: October 21 2023

Cover art  for If You Hear This, Let Me Know by Soundstrand

Artwork for If You Hear This, Let Me Know

Dublin none-more-indie four piece Soundstrand have released their debut EP If You Hear This, Let Me Know - surely the plaintive cry of every great band releasing under appreciated gems into the galactic music soundverse.

The 5 track extended play features songs written by the band during various lockdowns and was recorded in Veroli Studio with Public Warning’s JP Roche and Adam O’Dea. It ticks all the Soundstrand boxes - catchy hooks, inventive rhythm and melodies, witty lyrics and killer choruses. And of course their consistently charming and unassuming youthful energy.

From the opening of Rollercoaster, literally drumming up attention, to the "that's a wrap y'all" ending of The Man Who Made The Universe, this is a kinetic EP which never lets up on the energy, melody and forward momentum.

The key touchstone for us is the debut Buzzcock's EP Spiral Scratch - it has a similar naive charm and oh those backing vocals. It's not reinventing anything and if you were being churlish you might call it derivative. But what isn't? And when you have a band who sound like they are having a thrilling time turning out a mix of Buzzcocks, The Housemartins and Belle and Sebastian, well we're on board.

Dublin indie rock band Soundstrand

Formed in 2017, Soundstrand are composed of four Finglas natives. Using the inventive lyrics of Shane Aherne, Dara Clancy provides slick chord progressions, catchy hooks and driving lead guitar. Supported by the solid foundation of David Solola’s rhythm guitar, the drums of Jude Finn elevate the songs, while keeping it all grounded at the same time.


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