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Five things we learned from the Some Remain podcast

Sligo garage punks Some Remain joined us for episode 44 of our music industry podcast. Here's the five key takeaways.

Cover art for Some Remain's Blowtorch Records podcast

1. The basics

Some Remain are from Sligo, Ireland and are made up of Jamie (Vocals), Colm (Guitar), Leo (Bass) and Matthew (Drums). It started with Jamie and Colm messing around at school with (bad) covers and also busking in Sligo. They've been together in this iteration for about 3½ years.

Their first single was Walk Away - released in April 2021. Their second Television came out January 2022 and third single Never Enough/Montoya was released a year later and is available on limited edition 7" vinyl.

2. The name

The band name comes from the Beatles song In My Life. Jamie sings a quick burst in the podcast.

There are places I'll remember

All my life, though some have changed

Some forever, not for better

Some have gone and some remain

3. Influences

In their initial band bio they referenced bands such as Arctic Monkeys, Fontaines D.C., Pixies and MBV. Their first single in particular, Walk Away, is clearly influenced by Arctic Monkeys however they have moved away from that to a shoutier, more punk style. We hear elements of American hard core, The Fall and even a wee bit of Two Tone. For new single Knuckle Sandwich the band specifically reference Pixies track Something Against You.

4. Plans

Win Fused Ion studio's Battle of the Bands in Galway; gig more outside Sligo; get their own transport; release more ace tunes.

5. New music

They have new single Knuckle Sandwich ready to go for a May release and you can hear a short clip in the podcast. It's going to be a double A side with another new track Dead Sound - currently being mixed - and we reckon it's nailed on for another Blowtorch Records vinyl release.

And of course - the podcast

Here's the Rumble Studios video referenced in the podcast


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