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New Irish music review with Peer Pleasure and Chalk

Our weekly fix of the best new music as we bring you our review of new Irish singles from Peer Pleasure Rest In Bits and Chalk Bliss

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Artist: Peer Pleasure

Track: Rest In Bits

Wexford band Peer Pleasure release rest in bits

Sounding like a Blowtorch Records mission statement (what's one of those? - Ed), Peer Pleasure say they are dragging garage rock kicking and screaming to all new lows. The band, consisting of Brandon Murphy, Cein O’Dowd, Erik Murphy, Fiachra Carey, Jack Joyce, Jeff Miller, Joel Pitcher and Joseph O’Gorman have just released their latest single Rest in Bits. And we love it.

The Wexford revolutionary garage punks stew up a potent elixir of influences into a tasty broth then decide to kick the whole pot down the stairs just for the fun of it.

Channelling the raw power of the Stooges, with some Cramps psychobilly, Black Keys swampy blues and ... err ... The Big Bopper, Rest In Bits wastes no time cutting to the chase right out of the gate, throwing an explosive grenade's worth of fuzzed-out surf grooves and menacing primal rock and roll riffage at the listener right from the starting pistol. 

When tasked with shining a light upon the meaning behind the songs lyrics, frontman Brandon Murphy had the following to say: "Each line of Rest In Bits refers to or reflects on a real-life human being I knew who is now dead. It’s more on the nose than previous offerings but that's fine. They are in fact dead. Which is pretty on the nose. Cause of death? Are you fond? Would you be fond? Of the drink."

Recorded live at Hellfire Studios, Dublin, Rest In Bits was engineered by Joe McGrath, mixed by Ivan Jackman and mastered by Killian Taylor. This fourth single comes ahead of a soon to be announced EP from the group. We await with anticipation.

* * *

Artist: Chalk

Track: Bliss

Belfast band Chalk release new single Bliss
Credit Aaron Cunningham

Belfast post-punk/electronic up and comers Chalk have released their motorik new single Bliss feat. Fears. It is the final reveal from their upcoming Conditions II EP which will be out on March 1st via Nice Swan Records.

Chalk line up as Ross Cullen (vocals), Benedict Goddard (guitar, synth) and Luke Niblock (drums). Sounding more like the electronic tinged Claw than the full on industrial attack of The Gate (and also reminiscent of lamented Galway outfit Slyrydes), Bliss benefits from the dreamy, ethereal effect of Fears aka Constance Keane, a member of M(h)aol as well as a solo artist.

Detailing their final EP reveal, bandleader Ross Cullen stated: “The theme of Bliss was originally from a short film I wrote whilst we were at university. It’s about two people who once shared a love in the past seeing each other again. No words shared between them, just thoughts and an acknowledgement of what could have been.”

Both previous EP releases secured a spot on the BBC 6 Music playlist as their mix of aggressive post punk, dance beats and haunting electronica clearly chimes with a growing and adoring audience.

Although they say they are inspired by the ferocity and live performance of Dublin’s guitar scene, coupled with the sweaty, hardcore dance landscape in their native Belfast, there is a decidedly German techno, motorik iciness to their sound. Chillingly beautiful.

Produced by Chris Ryan (NewDad, Enola Gay, Just Mustard) and Ross Cullen, Bliss ft. Fears is out now via Nice Swan Records and available on all digital platforms.


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